DSBWorldWide Joins With TALWD to Launch New Website

The Texas Association of Local WIC Directors, TALWD, is a professional organization made up of local WIC Directors who put forth efforts to influence program planning, changes to WIC policies, coordination between local and state agencies, and implementation and administration of the WIC Program on the local, state and federal level. Its mission is to partner with the Texas WIC State Agency, to advocate for WIC's mission, and to provide a framework for WIC Directors. Through TALWD, WIC Directors are able to come together to discuss and plan for the impact of trends, work through challenges affecting participation and program function, look for ways to improve our program services, and provide support to one another.

Since its beginnings in 1986, the Texas Association of Local WIC Directors (TALWD) has matured into an organization that fosters communication with the State Agency and offers peer support for local directors. It is a vehicle for the expression of ideas on planning, policy, implementation and administration on the local. state, and federal level. The ultimate goal of TALWD is to positively affect the lives of women, infants, and children across the great State of Texas.

DSBWorldWide, Inc. is thrilled to work with TALWD to bring their brand new website online. is powered by DSBWorldWide Inc.’s exclusive WebItems® Software which offers the organization unprecedented control over such important features as member management, forums, inbox, page management, navigation management, event registration and much more!

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Mike Parker

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