Mike Parker

Don’t you just love the natural, sun-kissed look of a little kid’s hair? It’s just so carefree and, well, natural! There is a way to get that look for your own hair, and it is a technique of hair coloring that has been around for quite a while, but is only just now catching on. It’s called Balayage – and it might be more akin to hair painting than a traditional dye job.

The term, Balayage, comes from the French and means to sweep or to paint. It is a technique that involves applying the color to the surface, but not saturating the hair until the tips to create a soft, natural, non-streaky look. One of the big benefits of Balayage is the lack of so-called growth lines. With a good Balayage you don’t get that ‘my roots are showing’ sensation when you look in the mirror two weeks later, so you can wait longer between appointments. And hair care is the same as with any other color – use a good, color-protecting shampoo and conditioner, and protect your hair from dryer heat.

Balayage is a low maintenance, natural looking hair care technique that has a timeless quality to it. It works well with almost any hair color, and can be applied to most hair lengths, other than super short cropped hair. What’s not to love?


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