Seaweed is the New Black
Food Safety
Mike Parker

Fashion extends far beyond the catwalks of Paris, Rome and New York. With popular television shows and movies turning chefs into rock stars, it’s no big surprise that trendy foods are taking their place alongside haute couture among the fashion conscious. And just like last season’s ultra-flirty skirt and blouse combo gives way to this season’s demure, sophisticated lines, last year’s cronut and coconut water will ultimately have to make way for the next food fashion fad.

The new trend for foodies includes generous helpings of dulse, bladderwrack, Irish moss, wakami, oar weed and sea grapes – and a multitude of other varieties of seaweed. For the fashion conscious foodie, seaweed is the new black, and food processing companies are jumping on the bandwagon to bring the new twist on this ancient food source to market (Hot & Spicy Seaweed Crisps with Almonds, anyone?)

The continuing focus on nutrition and sustainability gets high marks for propelling the seaweed trend forward. Seaweed is high in iodine, a nutrient essential to healthy thyroid function, and some varieties have significant amounts of vitamins A, B and C, and protein. Some university studies have dubbed seaweed as a superfood, capable of reducing the rate of fat absorption by up to 75 percent.

Of course the real question is, what does seaweed taste like? And the answer, also of course, depends on the variety of seaweed you choose. But here’s some encouraging news. Apparently researchers at Oregon State University discovered quite by accident that the dulse variety of seaweed, when fried, tastes a lot like bacon!

Mmmm, bacon! Now there’s a food trend you can sink your teeth into.

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