Tea vs. Coffee, The Great Debate
Food Safety
Mike Parker

Ah, the beauty, the majesty, the utter necessity of that first cup of coffee (or tea) in the morning. That jolt of caffeine that takes the edge off too little sleep the night before, gets the blood flowing through your veins and clears the cobwebs from your fuzzy brain. No, there is just nothing quite like a great cup of hot coffee (or tea) to start your day.

Of course there is a great debate between coffee aficionados and tea snobs about which beverage has the greatest benefits. Coffee hounds will tell you their beverage of choice packs twice the caffeine wallop of tea (a standard cup of brewed filter coffee contains 80 to 115 milligrams for the stimulant compared to a cup of tea’s paltry 40 milligrams). But teatotalers will counter with studies that indicate even at those lower levels, reaction times and self-reported feelings of alertness are roughly equivalent for both coffee and tea drinkers. Some researchers hypothesize that the psychological expectation of the caffeine kick plays a significant role in the effectiveness of our favorite morning ritual.

It may not be possible to completely settle the debate over which brew is best, but for a growing number of connoisseurs the point is moot. Why switch, they say? Why not simply join forces? Consider mixing some jasmine green tea with a light blonde roasted coffee and sweeting with some vanilla flavored almond milk. Mmmmm, tasty! And if you’re feeling adventurous, there is no end to the combinations of these two morning powerhouse drinks.

Food Safety

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