Buffalo Sauce, Not Just for Wings
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Mike Parker

Buffalo sauce was originally concocted as a coating for chicken wings, but there’s nothing in the rule book that says wings are the only thing you can serve with that addictive combination of butter and hot sauce. Here are just a few suggestions of great Buffalo sauce pairings, but don’t let this list hold you back. Use your imagination to create your own signature snack!

  1. Buffalo Sauce Popcorn – Pop up a bowlful of light and airy popcorn. Sprinkle on a little salt, but instead of melted butter, drizzle on a little Buffalo sauce for an added kick.
  2. Buffalo Veggies – Dip cauliflower or broccoli in Buffalo sauce and then toss them in the oven for a few minutes. Serve with classic blue cheese dip. Yum!
  3. Buffalo Deviled Eggs – No need to alter your Grandma’s original recipe. Just dribble a few drops of Buffalo sauce on top for a spicy upgrade to a traditional favorite.
  4. Buffalo Baked Potato – Buffalo sauce is guaranteed to perk up a bland baked potato. Instead of butter, pour on an ounce of Buffalo sauce and mix it in with your favorite toppings. Bacon and cheese, perhaps?
  5. Buffalo Mac & Cheese – It might be the ultimate comfort food!


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