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Approved Alcohol Seller Server / Bartender Certification Courses
Responsible Beverage Training Certificate Issuance

SSC®, Seller Server Classes, provided by EduClasses® seller-server responsible vendor certification course is for any person who needs to obtain a certificate in order to work as a seller-server or any individual who desires training.

This is a zero risk web-based seller server certification course that enables your organization to test and certify seller-servers in the alcohol service industry. Seller Servers can easily receive their seller server permit, card, certificate, or license through the online seller server course.

This course is offered in the following states:

  • California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), Responsible Alcoholic Beverage Training - alcohol seller/server certification.
  • Florida Responsible Vendor alcohol Seller Server certification training program.
  • Illinois Liquor Control Commission compliant,  Beverage Alcoholic Sellers and Servers Education and Training Program (BASSET) - approved alcohol seller/server certification.
  • Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC) Responsible Vendor (RV) Training - approved alcohol seller/server certification.
  • New York State Liquor Authority (NYSLA) Alcohol Training Awareness Program (ATAP) - approved seller/server certification.
  • North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control, Responsible Alcohol Seller Program (RASP) - approved seller/server certification.
  • Ohio Department of Liquor Control (DOLC) - Responsible Vendor (RV) alcohol seller / server certification.
  • Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Alcoholic Beverage Law Enforcement (ABLE) - approved provider for alcohol seller / server certification.
  • Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) Responsible Server Training - approved alcohol seller/server certification.
  • Wisconsin Department of Revenue (RBS) Responsible Beverage Server Alcohol Training Program – approved alcohol seller/server certification.

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SSC®, Seller Server Classes,, a web-based certification course that enables us to help you test and certify seller servers in the alcohol service industry.

Having a Portal gives you power to easily manage your orders and your staff or students.

If you're looking for an online Seller Server Responsible Beverage Training Course to offer to your citizens, students or workers then you have found it. Any alcohol seller or server can take advantage of our online seller server certification course.

Our Seller Server training can also work for your business. We can insure your employees will be properly certified with our State Accredited Seller Server course.


EduClasses® web-based courseware reduces the need for physical classrooms, clerical staff, and paid instructors. This online service decreases printing costs and cuts down on energy usage. A major benefit to your organization's budget.

Our online courseware is available 24/7 and is self-paced. A registered user may start or stop the course at their convenience. We offer our courses in English and Spanish with other languages to be added in the near future.