EduClasses® Affiliate Program Referrer System

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Are you interested in making extra money from your business or organization web site? 

Are you a Health Regulatory Authority looking for a reputable food safety or alcohol program you can refer people to on your web site? 

Do you have a food or alcohol oriented web site you keep up with?

EduClasses® can provide you a nationally recognized service that you send your students, candidates or customers to for a professional online education experience.  

Our Affiliate Program Referrer Links would link to the sites safely and securely.  Within the links would be a referrer cookie attached to them to track anyone who clicked from the program links and then made a purchase on the web sites they are linked to.  Then when a purchase is made it is tracked via a cookie to the programs’ web site and what site the purchaser was referred from.

Each month we would confirm the verified referred purchases and issue you a report along with a payment.  The more verified purchases the greater the payments.

All you have to do is sign up, get approved, add the referrer links to your web sites to start promoting the EduClasses® and start making money.

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