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An ANSI-Accredited Certificate Issuer - Accreditation #1135 offers a zero risk web-based certification course that enables your organization to test and certify employees in the food service industry.  Food Handlers can easily receive their food handlers permit, card, certificate, or license through the online food handler course

The ANSI accredited training program includes employee knowledge, responsibilities and training when preparing, handling and serving food to the public


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EduClasses® is pleased to offer you the opportunity to provide professional quality food handler safety classes to individuals working in the food industry.

Food Handler certification trainingNow accredited by ANSI, the American National Standards Institute.  FHC's ANSI Accredited Program Certificate Issuer ID number is 1135.  Learn more.

These classes will instruct on the proper process and procedures involved in safe food handling and have been recognized, approved and accredited by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

The FHC course is also approved and accepted in other states as well.

Our belief is that professional training in an easy-to-use, standardized format will increase both the quality and production of food and food-related establishments while ensuring a safe and healthy environment for employees and patrons.

Utilizing our web-based service in your business, organization, or governmental department will help to ensure good "best practices" within your local or extended food industry by providing a reliable standard of training for those employed in the field. In addition, the provision of such training will demonstrate your commitment to the health and safety of our citizens. 

EduClasses® will work as your service provider to implement, host and manage your web domain and internet marketing effort. Your site will be uniquely customized to represent your business and we can have it up and running within a short time frame. There is no investment, set up or upfront fees on your part.  It is a zero-risk investment.

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DSBWorldWide and Grayson County Health Department Announce ANSI Accreditation for

Accreditation provides national level certification for food handlers in all 50 states FHC is approved in

FHC - ANSI AccreditedSHERMAN, Tex. - (March 30, 2015) - Innovative North Texas-based technology company DSBWorldWide, Inc. (DSB) and the Grayson County Health Department (GCHD) are pleased to announce they have received accreditation for from American National Standards Institute Certificate Accreditation Program (ANSI-CAP). The certification recognizes course as an ANSI-accredited course, and provides national level certification for food handlers in all 50 states. The ANSI accreditation ID awarded to FHC is 1135.

The comprehensive and at times arduous process of obtaining ANSI certification dates back almost a decade to 2006, when Tony Dean, founder and CEO of DSBWorldWide, Inc., took a phone call from Amanda Brogdon of the Grayson County Health Department.  GCHD wanted DSB to move the county’s food handler training program online. Dean immediately recognized an opportunity to expand the online course statewide, and he then approached Steve De’Vore, former Director of the Health Department, regarding ANSI - American National Standards Institutemaking the program available for use by all cities and counties within the State of Texas. Once this initiative received state approval, Grayson County and DSB moved into partnership, and DSBWorldWide, Inc. (dba Food Handler Classes) launched with Grayson County Health Department. GCHD provided the updates to the course curriculum content and the upkeep of exam items while DSB handles all other aspects of the Food Handler’s Course, including design, marketing, software, search engine optimization, accounting, sales, customer service, and ongoing updates and maintenance.

During’s State of Texas start up phase, DSB developed an examination system to go along with the certificate issuance, and even promulgated the online issuance of local level certificates representing the local health departments in addition to the state level certificate. Dean wisely decided to focus on search engines as the nascent company’s primary source of marketing. This unique strategy paid off as local health departments around the State of Texas recognized the benefits of providing food handlers an easy method of attaining their State of Texas approved food handler certification.

With Food Handler Classes firmly established as a leader in providing online training for food handlers in the State of Texas, Dean began to expand beyond the state’s borders to make the company’s valuable training available in other states. But after successfully rolling out in Colorado, Kansas, New Jersey, Idaho and Illinois, Dean hit a roadblock. He discovered a number of states required such programs to be ANSI accredited.

Not one to back down from a challenge, Dean researched the requirements for ANSI accreditation, and launched a three-year endeavor that involved enlisting the aid of John Teel, former Director, with the Grayson County Health Department. Together, DSB and the GCHD agreed to pursue accreditation. After receiving initial ANSI approval of their application, Dean and Jeff Lillis, Environmental Health Director and Registered Sanitarian with the GCHD, attended a preliminary ANSI workshop in Washington DC at the ANSI headquarters to get a firm feel of ANSI standards. Dean, along with and the DSB team which includes Dave Brock (Courses Director), Graham New (Creative Director), JP Wilson (Senior Engineer), Nych Coelho (Junior Engineer) and Ivonne Gonzalez (Courses Support), worked hand in hand with GCHD Director Amanda Ortez, and GCHD employees Jeff Lillis, Amanda Brogdon (WIC Director and Registered Sanitarian), Marshall Ward (Registered Sanitarian) and the other health inspectors to update the Food Handler Classes course materials and exam items to meet FDA code and ANSI standards, which permits the course to be used in all 50 states. Dean also recognized the invaluable contribution of psychometrician Jim Zukowski, Ed.D., who played a major role in helping the team overcome some major obstacles and helped the program to become legally defensible.

As part of the ANSI application process an Oversight Body was formed to oversee the Certificate Program Plan, curriculum and exam items. Tony Dean, CEO of DSB, Food Handler Classes, chaired the Oversight Body. Current and former members include:

Secretary: David Brock, Courses Director – DSBWorldWide, FHC
Jeff Lillis, Environmental Director – Grayson County Health Department
Amanda Brogdon, Registered Sanitarian & Nutrition, WIC Director
Jim Zukowski, Ed.D., Psychometrician
Ivonne Gonzalez, Food Handler, Hispanic Representative
Char Lynch, Food Manager, Owner Representative
Susan Yates, Safety/Food Safety Specialist, Southwest Division, Kroger
Kelly Milam, General Manager, IHOP Restaurant
A cut score committee was also organized to establish the passing score for the exam. Cut Score Committee members include:

Jeff Lillis - GCHD Environmental Health Program Manager
Heather Rogers – Restaurant Manager
Melba Runnels – Sherman Independent School District
Pun Webster - Teriyaki Jar, Owner
Mike Cameron - Site Director Lone Star #5 - Douglass Dist.
Dollie Graham - Site Director Lone Star #50 - Douglass Dist.
David Brock – DSBWorldWide, Inc.
Tony Dean – DSBWorldWide, Inc.

ANSI assigned two assessors to review the entire program throughout the process, to ensure it met ANSI standards. Once the assessors felt the program met requirements, the Certificate Program was presented to the ANSI CAP meeting for final review. After months of collaboration, research and a lot of old fashioned hard work to develop materials and streamline the course, DSBWorldWide, Inc. and Grayson County Health Department, are proud to announce that ANSI has given accreditation to FHC,, on March 27, 2015.

It has been a long journey, but one that was certainly worth taking,” Dean said. “If it had not been for Amanda Brogdon contacting me way back in 2006 and if I had not answered the phone that day, the ANSI accredited FHC online course would not be in place today.”



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About provides a food handler training certificate service via an online learning environment with integrated exam platform. This web-based service utilizes educational curriculum and exam materials provided by Grayson County Health Department. GCHD maintains the food handler educational curriculum and exam materials updating them to meet the standards required for the ANSI accreditation/renewal process.

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