EduClasses® Courseware


EduClasses® provides state-specific certificate courses for workers in a variety of industries. Drawing on over then two decades of hands-on experience providing online solutions for businesses, educational organizations and governmental agencies, including website design and integration, EduClasses® utilizes a custom suite of WebItems® Software, developed by DSBWorldWide, to continually upgrade our students’ experience with richer features and applications.


A student can keep a personal profile and be registered to join a course. There are e-commerce options for individual or group payments via merchant accounts. There is a redeem / access code system to allow for staff management. Course completion notifications, Badges & Certificate may be access and printed via the user profile.


Course material is created as a series of modules with rich-text content, images and media. The learning modules can have a minimum study time and the end of each module can have a content summary for that module. There is a Learn & Leave / Return & Continue progress tracking system.     


Categories associated with the learning modules allow for a structured testing/exam program. Questions can be created and assigned to categories providing a structured approach to examinations. User authentication and security questions can be triggered a points throughout the examination.