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el Restaurante Magazine - EduClasses Newest Affiliate Referrer

EduClasses is excited to announce that el Restaurante Magazine has signed on as EduClasses' newest Affiliate Referrer.

After meeting at the Texas Restaurant Associate tradeshow, Ed Avis of El Restaurante Magazine and Tony Dean with EduClasses saw an opportunity to collaborate and offer the readers of El Restaurante Magazine EduClasses' food and alcohol safety programs.

Per Ed Avis, publisher of el Restaurante, “We’re happy to be partnering with this well recognized company to provide training.”   Ed goes on to say “They have over two decades of experience providing online solutions, so we’re confident our readers will enjoy working with them.”

Tony Dean, EduClasses CEO, states, "We are very pleased to have this relationship with Ed Avis and el Restaurante Magazine.  Ed publishes a beautiful magazine focused on the mexican and latin restaurant community and with our programs being offered in English and Spanish makes for a Win / Win opportunity."

About the Programs

The Food Handler, program allows your employees to study at their own pace to learn the proper processes and procedures involved in safe food handling.

The Food Manager, provide education for employees to earn their Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) certificate. They will learn about the fundamentals of food safety, bare-hand contact of ready-to-eat foods, how foodborne illness is caused, and measures they can take to prevent it.

The Seller Server, program provides online alcohol awareness and training for responsible alcohol seller server vendors.


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