FMC® Food Managers Certification Proctors

We Want You to Become a FMC® Approved Proctor!

EduClasses® dba FMC® Food Managers Certificaton,, is looking for experienced professionals who are interested in becoming an approved On-site EduProctor™,, for administering the FMC® Food Managers Certification CFPM (Certified Food Protection Manager) Examination to individuals seeking a food manager certification.

If you are interested in becoming an approved Food Managers Certification EduProctor™ then please create your account with and one of our representatives will be in touch.

EduProctor FAQs
  • What are the steps to becoming an approved FMC® EduProctor™?

    Follow these steps to apply to become an FMC EduProctor.

    • You can start by:
    • Complete the Proctor application in EduClasses Account area
    • Sign agreements
    •     Non-disclosure / confidentiality agreement
    •     Non-compete agreement
    •     Code of Conduct/Performance agreement
    • Take the proctor training
    • Successfully pass the Proctor assessment
    •  Receive your FMC® Approved EduProctor™ certificate
  • What are the responsibilities of an EduProctor?
    • As an approved FMC® EduProctor™, your responsibilities would include the following:
    • Organize and administer all exam location activities and procedures to ensure secure, standardized examination administration.
    • Treat all examinees in a fair and equitable manner.
    • Ensure there is one approved proctor per every 35 examinee candidates and/or per exam room when more than one exam room is needed.
    • Perform Pre-exam Security.
    • Read Candidate Script to students.
    • Answer pre-exam questions students may have.
    • Launch student examination.
    • Maintain exam security by circulating throughout the testing facility during the examination.
    • Report any examination security breaches and cooperate with FMC® regarding any security related inquires.
    • Contact FMC® Support to correct any technical issues experienced during the examination process.
    • Log student off exam system and close testing website.

Prometric® Test Center & ProProctor

FMC® Food Managers Certification & Prometric®
Testing Labs & ProProctor Remote Proctor Services provided by Prometric®

EduClasses® FMC® Food Managers Certification is excited to have partnered with Prometric® as the official Proctor for Testing Labs for on-site proctoring and ProProctor Remote Proctor Services.  

When EduClasses® began our research for Proctor testing lab providers one of the major concerns was accessibility for our test-takers.  Prometric met that challenge with 14,000 test-centers in 180 countries.

Now with the demand for remote proctors growing, Prometric has met that challenge as well. 

Prometric's ProProctor remote proctor service has proven to be a world class tool for those who cannot make it to testing lab and would like to be proctored in the comfort of their own home or office. Learn more at