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Fast Eating in Carrizozo New Mexico

Out in the middle of New Mexico is a little town called Carrizozo.  A little town where two major thoroughfares 54 and 380 cross.  One route of 4 lanes heading a winding north to south and the other 4 lane windy route east to west.  

At the intersection are a number of truckstops, hotels, restaurants and food trucks amongst other retail in the small downtown.  Truckers and travelers come in, fill up their tanks, eat, maybe rest, then back on the road.  Back out into deep areas of New Mexico.

Heather and I are passing through on our way out of town from Tularosa and Alamagordo after visiting with my brother and his wife.   We stopped in Carrizozo before making our journey back to Sherman.  We decided to stay at Four Winds Motel and RV, "The Hilton of Carrizozo", per our hostess Alice.  A very nice quaint hotel with a very nice host running the 21 room hotel and RV.  She made sure to point how beautiful the sunset was. It was beautiful.

Among the truck stop restaurants there are a number of family run restaurants and food trucks.  The food truck I enjoyed tonight happened to be across the street from our room at the Four Winds Motel & RV.

Ok, before I review the food truck I gotta also mention we had a vegetarian's pizza from Rosie's Pizza as well.  The vegetarian pizza and Greek salad were delicious.  Pizza made to perfection.  I enjoyed the salad too.  Nice and crunchy spinach with feta cheese and oil. The facility was very styish.  I commented to Heather I was very surprised at how cute it was and having what appeared to be home made ice cream. 

Oh, and so you know Sofia's Pizza was Heather's choice.  I chose 'Reynas Carnival Eats and Delightful Treats'

After eating a slice of the pizza and the salad, which were very good, I made my way across the highway making sure I don't get run over in the process and met the family Ortega. James Ortega and his wife, Connie, along with their lovely daughter. They have been running their food truck around these parts of the country for about 5 years. A great sign of success.

As I was looking at their vast menu I told them I was having a hard time choosing between a corn dog or a frito pie.  I was about to ask James which one to choose and then James spoke up to his wife to make an Alien Dog for me.  I asked what an Alien Dog was.  James informed me what it was. 

An Alien Dog is a 7 inch jumbo all beef frank, hand dipped and rolled on bread crumbs, cut in half and covered with chili beans, nacho cheese, shreaded cheese, and jalapenos.   This sounded awesome and of course I told them, "Yes. I will take one Alien Dog!".

I also ordered a funnel cake for Heather and I to share. 

While I was waiting for my order, James and me were discussing his food truck and my food safety business.  James told he has had some significant success with his food truck that he may be expanding.  Another great sign of success.  He began working fairs, events, across from hotels, construction and business sites.  He has other great opportunities in the future he told me about.  Very cool.  I am always happy to hear of businesses succeeding.  

My Alien Dog was ready along with the funnel cake.  

So I gotta tell you the Alien Dog is out of this world.  I have never had a concession stand item that I thoroughly enjoyed as I did the Alien Dog.  It was tasty. It was crunchy.  The cheese had that perfect ooziness.  There was plenty of hot dog to go with the bun.  The chili and cheese with the jalepenos gave it the complex favor add-in. Crunchy to the end with the crusty zesty Alien Dog.

Ok. time for dessert.  Funnel cake was a nice finish to the Alien Dog.  You can tell they have mastered their funnel cake recipe.  It had a nicy toasty dough with the drizzled sugar powder. Yummy.  I almost didn't share it with Heather.

So I give Reynas Carnival Eats and Delightful Treats and their Alien Dog along with the funnel cake two thumbs up! I suspect the rest of the items on their food truck are just as good as the Alien Dog.  I plan on trying some others next time I come through.

My suggestion if you ever find your self out in the deep recesses of New Mexico around Carrizozo way at the 54 & 380 intersection be sure to stop, fill up and find Reynas food truck.  Order the Alien Dog.  It will be worth the trip.

Oh yea..  as Heather wacks my head with a pan.... I would suggest ordering Sofia's pizza as well!  Next time we pass through it will be a meat eaters pizza with plenty of vegetables and jalepeno along with my Alien Dog and Funnel Cake. 

You know this may become a regular destination for Heather and me.


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