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Finishing Up the Pilot Exams and Given Away the 3rd $1,000 Gift Card

EduClasses® is in the process of obtaining ANAB accreditation for our Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) exam and are elated to announce we are in the final stretch! To receive accreditation, we were required to have a multitude of Certified Food Managers volunteer to pilot the exam, or “test the test”. At the time this was written, we are less than 50 pilot sessions away from completing this step in the accreditation process. As incentive for volunteers, we are offering 4 $1000 gift cards to be won by our volunteer piloting candidates! We have already announced the winners for 3 out of the 4 $1000 gift cards. You read that right, there is 1 $1000 gift card left to win.

Due to our Proctor’s efforts when we reached 300 pilot sessions, we gave away our 3rd $1,000 Gift Card! The name drawn was Patrick Bubenik. Patrick took all 4 of our FMCert pilot CFPM exams. (Thank you, Patrick!) Patrick has a Bachelor’s of Science and Masters of Science in Hospitality Management from Texas Tech University. He provides catering for Charcuterie gatherings and events through his own business called ‘Pat Pat Hooray’,, San Angelo, Texas.

Now, we have only one more $1,000 Gift Card left to be drawn! To get your name entered in the drawing, please reach out to us through this sign-up form,

What is the point of volunteers piloting the exam? We are so glad you asked! This process allows FMC® to gather statistical information on each exam and exam items. We need our volunteer piloting candidates to answer each question and provide feedback so that we can determine whether the questions are fair, accurate, and test important food safety concepts. We will use your, greatly appreciated, feedback to identify difficult questions and create a better test. Our goal is to create a food safety exam that tests just that, food safety!  Well, and everything else that is required to be a Certified Food Protection Manager.  Check out our CFPM definition and learning objectives for a clearer understanding of what our CFPM exams provide.  Learn more: certified-food-protection-manager-definition

Once ANAB accredited this Certified Food Protection Manager Examination will be for any food service manager who needs to obtain a certificate to work in a retail food establishment, or any individual who desires certification. This examination will test you on the fundamentals of food safety for your Food Manager’s card, license, permit or certificate. Once the examination has been completed, you will have proven your understanding of what foodborne illness is, how it is caused, and what you can do to help prevent it from occurring. We currently have 4 different exams to be piloted and 3 different forms of proctoring for you to chose from. These options are offered as On-Site Proctoring, Prometric Testing Centers, or with ProProctor. Each unique exam completed earns one prize draw entry. Please note that piloting sessions must be proctored.

If you are interested in becoming a proctor, please visit the following link for more information and to fill out the inquiry form,

If you are a Food Manager and are interested in piloting 1 or all 4 exams (remember, there is $1000 that could potentially be yours!!) Please reach out to us through this sign-up form.

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